A Beginner’s Guide to the 3 Must-Have Experiences in Akron

Akron, Ohio, is a fabulous city to explore, with a lot of history and culture. Although previously known for its manufacturing industry, the city is now teeming with service and trade companies contributing massively to the local economy. Unsurprisingly, several people from nearby states and all over the US opt to buy homes in Akron to enjoy a more outstanding quality of life.

There are so many attractions in the city, such as the top Akron breweries, the famous Akron Zoo, and much more, that new residents may need help deciding where to start. The following list elaborates on these fantastic attractions and others that tourists and residents will be thrilled to experience.

  • Akron Zoo

The local zoo has hundreds of animals and birds and is also home to many endangered species like giraffes, lions, and tigers. It is open year-round and offers more than just animal habitats, such as a kids’ zone with rides and slides, picnic areas with grills, and walking trails through woods where you might spot deer or raccoons.

The zoo also hosts events year-round, including camps for Akron residents, especially kids, where they can learn about different animals while staying overnight. You can combine the trip with a stop-by at Cascade Locks Park, the perfect place if you want a little adventure with your family. The park offers many activities, including boating, hiking, and biking.

  • The Art Museum

The museum was founded in the early 1900s by artists who wanted a space to show off their works. It is still an important place for local artists to display their work and has many permanent exhibits on display inside. It is located in downtown Akron and is home to over 5,000 pieces of art from around the world.

The African Art collection contains hundreds of pieces besides ethnographic objects from around the continent of Africa. Besides paintings by famous artists, there are displays dedicated to case goods like vases.

  • Explore breweries

Visiting the top Akron breweries should be high on the priority of those who love craft beer because the city is famous for this delicacy. Acronym Brewing is worth checking out on your visit to Akron’s flourishing brewery scene. This small operation opened its doors a little over five years ago but has already impressed locals with its delicious beers and ale.

If you want something different from what you would typically expect at a brewery, visit the Missing Mountain Brewery. You will have a memorable time sipping cold beers on a 3-tiered patio that overlooks the gorgeous Cuyahoga River. They also have great food, completing the beer and food experience for locals and tourists.

If you prefer wine, you should head to the local favorite Nauti Vine Winery to enjoy a vast spread of delicious local wine served with mouthwatering appetizers and meat platters.

Refer to an online guide

Whether you are planning a trip to Akron or have just moved here, using a guidebook can help you learn more about the new city. Look for an online professional resource, preferably a real estate-related site, that can provide exciting information on famous Akron breweries and which ones you should visit first. These resources are typically helpful for local real estate agents looking to hire professional photographers for their listings. Ultimately, it will help you determine the best experiences in this fantastic Ohio city.

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