Sao Miguel Azores Island 2023: Best Place to Explore  

Sao Miguel Azores is a small island but still, it has a lot of accommodation choices to stay there. It is crucial to spend some time in a place like Sao Miguel Island as it is necessary to have some enjoyment to make your brain feel good. However, most people like to stay in the Ponta Delgada but this is not the only best place to live there. We are going to explore some other best places with you to stay. Be with us till the end to have all details.  

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3 Best Places to Stay on São Miguel Island:  

Sao Miguel Azores Island is the best and largest popular island in the Azores archipelago. This place has beautiful lakes, volcanic hazard zones, and also mountain peaks that are spread over the island. Most of people want to know that What is São Miguel Azores known for? Sao Miguel is known for its award-winning Terra Nostra Park, lakes wonderful golf courses, beaches, land and etc. 

 Here are three of the most popular places to stay:  

1.Ponta Delgada (South Coast):  

Ponta Delgada is located on the south coast of São Miguel. Ponta Delgada is the largest town on this island and most of the visitors like to stay there. This place is the most charming and classy Azorean, with a lot of beautiful restaurants and shopping centers to enjoy. Most of people have a query that which is the prettiest island in the Azores?  São Miguel is surely one of the most beautiful islands. It has heaven-like beaches. Its area is neraly750 km2.   

Upsides of Ponta Delgada:  

  • It is located in the center of the island.  
  • There are a lot of restaurants and shops near this place.  
  • It has a beautiful downtown scene.  

Downsides of Ponta Delgada:  

  • This place does not have a good parking area.  
  • This place is somehow more costly than other places on this island.     

2. Ribeira Grande (North Coast):  

If you are the one who wants to stay in a place which is a quite bigger one than Ponta Delgada, then you must choose this place.  

Sao Miguel Azores

Ribeira Grande is the second largest place on this island and the best choice for couples and also for families. It is situated on the north coast of São Miguel.  

Upsides of Ribeira Grande:  

  • It is situated in the center of the island.  
  • It has many beautiful resorts near this place.  
  • It has beautiful sunset sights near this place.  
  • It is an affordable place and less costly than Ponta Delgada. 

Downsides of Ribeira Grande:  

  • To live in this place, you must have a car with you.  
  • It has a limited parking area.  
  • It also has very less hotel options.  

3. Sete Cidades (West Side):  

You will enjoy all the nature sights if you go to this place. If you are a nature lover, then you should visit this place.  

Upsides of Sete Cidades:  

  • It has many beautiful sights to see.  
  • It has more quiet surroundings.  
  • It has suitable hiking trails.  
  • It has beautiful lakes sight views also.  

Downsides of Sete Cidades:  

  • To visit this place, you have to rent out a car.  
  • There are very less restaurant options near this place.  

 How many days do you need in São Miguel Azores?  

If you want to visit this place then you must go for at least seven or eight days. It is the best duration of time to spend in the Azores. Most tourists spend more the one week to explore this island.   

Final Remarks:  

Sao Miguel Azores is the best island for newly married couples and also for families. So, you must try this place if you are looking to spend your time with your beloved ones.  

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