What is Quiet BPD? How to diagnose and treat it?  

Quiet BPD is a type of BPD that is a sort of mental health problem caused due to some specific reasons which I am going to reveal in this content. Many variant symptoms of BPD are revealed by the psychologists such as aggression. Be with us till the end to consume all the details related to this mental disorder. Let’s get directly dive into it!  

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What Is Quiet BPD?  

Quiet Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental health problem that is identified by different factors such as having problems regulating emotions and instant switching of moods. This disorder is diagnosed in women more than adults as in the U.S 1.4% of adults are affected by this disorder and more than 75% of women are diagnosed with this mental health condition (according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness). Most people wanted to know that What’s the difference between BPD and quiet BPD? Quiet BPD is somehow difficult to identify compared to ordinary BPD. Such as a person who has ordinary BPD shows outward symptoms but a person who has quiet BPD has some inward symptoms that may lead the person towards self-harming activities. 

Quiet BPD

 Symptoms of Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder:  

Quiet BPD has some very obvious symptoms that can be easily diagnosed, some of them are listed below:  

  • The affected person becomes easily obsessed with somebody whom they love and they want to spend an immense of time with them.  
  • The person has some unhealthy boundaries which are developed by themself.  
  • The affected ones cannot maintain their relationships for long.  
  • The quiet BPD person develops some self-harming activities.  
  • The person does not like to show their pain to others whether internal or external.  
  • The affected people go to self-isolation.  
  • A person who has quiet BP shows anger and aggression at any time.  
  • The affected person has negative feelings leading towards the hopeless all the time.  
  •  The quiet BPD person does not have a good self-image.  

 How do you spot a Quiet borderline? 

A psychologist can easily diagnose a person who has quiet BPD due to their behavior. If you want to identify the quiet BPD then you have to check the following signs in the treated person. The person should meet at least 5 signs out of nine as it is said by the professional, Dr. Lira de la Rosa says.  

 These interviews may include supplementary input from family and close friends, and a mental health provider will take family, medical and educational history into account, he adds.  

BPD can also be appeared due to some other mental disorder you may not familiar with such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or depression and may be due to bipolar disorder. And this is the reason that sometimes it becomes difficult to identify this disease.  

How to treat Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder?  

It is not strenuous to treat quiet BPD because many treatment options are not accessible compared to the past. But before starting the treatment procedure it’s important to diagnose the disease. Most people have a query that how serious is quiet BPD? Quiet BPD can stop a person from enjoying his life because he is always struggling with depressive thoughts all the time. So, it’s crucial to tackle this disorder before it becomes harsher for you. 

Dr. Lawson of the American Counseling Association notes that “Not so long ago (15-20 years) some very skilled clinicians believed there was no help for individuals who have a disorder like BPD,” says Dr. Lawson. “Now, there are very good treatment options, and they are improving.”  

The two most commonly used treatments are as follows:  

1. Therapy   

2. Medication  

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