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7 Best Costco Tequila Updated 2023

Costco Tequila is the largest wine in the U.S with a huge collection of liquors and beers for every person. As they have a wide range of Costco tequila, so you can choose according to your taste and budget. They provide high-quality beers and wine. They are working since 1942. Due to the high demand for Costco tequila, we have decided to explore some Costco tequila best with you. Be with us till the end to have all the details!  

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Top 7 Costco Tequilla:   

1. Casamigos Reposado:  

Reposado has an agave taste which is made of fruity and earthy notes. Casamigos Reposado has white oak aroma along vanilla essence. Its price is in the range of $42.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Most of people want to know that Who makes Kirkland tequila for Costco? Kirkland Tequilas are made by Corporate Distillery Santa Lucia, S.A. de C.V (NOM 1173) from Tesistán, Jalisco. They use two variant distillers to make it which are the La Madrileña  Fabrica de and Tequilas Finos distilleries 

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2. Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila:  

This bear is made nearly 49 months ago. It is a mixture of coconut-pineapple vanilla. It is not considered the ideal drink but still has good taste. It gives you a more pleasant taste if you mix it with other bases. Most people go addicted to this flavor. Herradura Ultra Añejo has 49% ABV with some distinctive essences.  

3. Corralejo Tequila Reposado:  

It has a light taste with a smooth flavor of agave, stone fruit, oak, and of some spice. Corralejo tequila reposado has 40% ABV and it is ideal for sipping neat but it’s up to you, you can use it while mixing with a base. The price of a 750ml bottle is around $ 33. Most of people have a query that What brand of tequila is Costco tequila? Kirkland Tequila Silver is a retail company of Costco tequila. It is made from natural agave which is sourced from the Central Jalisco region and it is double-distilled and double-filtered. 

4. Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila:  

Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila is made by Corporate Distillery Santa Lucia. It has an agave flavor with apple, citrus, and pear. This bottle has 40% ABV and is good for sipping neat. But again, you can mix it up with any base. You can buy a 750 ml bottle of Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila in $27.  

5. Don Pilar Anejo Tequila:  

Don Pilar AnejoTequila is the right option for you if you want a sweet, great taste and it is made of 40% ABV. You can buy this bottle for $43. It gives you a pure natural sweet sip taste.  

6. Don Pilar Extra Anejo Tequila:  

Don Pilar Extra Anejo Tequila has an amazing taste of agave and some other ingredients. You can purchase this bottle for just $165. It is the most expensive one bear.  

7. San Matias Reposado:  

San Matias Reposado is also an expensive one but it has good taste. This bottle from the Casa San Matias distillery has 40 % ABV. This bear owns an agave and citrus aroma and a smooth and creamy texture. It is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors of caramel, chocolate, pepper, and allspice. You can buy the 750ml bottle for just $16.   

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How much is a bottle of Costco tequila?  

Common Kirkland Tequila Prices are as follows: 

Brand Size Average Price 
Kirkland Blanco Tequila 1.75 L Around $24.99 
Kirkland Reposado Tequila 1 L Around $38.77 
Kirkland Añejo Tequila 1 L Around $46.68 

Final Verdict:  

If you are a Costco tequila lover, then you should know all its ingredients and price before you purchase it. We hope it is worthy and informational content for you. Share your experience in the comment box below if you are using this brand. 

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