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Did Ed McMahon Work for Publishers Clearing House?  

In the late 1990’s people think that publishers clearing house are associated with ED McMahon Publishers clearing house. It was a TV featuring ad.  

You know what even the Obama administration gives reference to these ads according to Michael Grunwald’s recent book The New Deal. Well, we are going to explore the topic that why ED McMahon is correlated with publishers’ clearing houses. So, be with us till the end.  

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Who is ED McMahon?  

We will discuss the ED McMahon publishers clearing house but before that let me tell you about ED McMahon. Edward Leo Peter McMahon Jr. was a USA announcer and comedian, actor, and show host. He started his first TV series with his friend. And you know why people remember this show because this show always started with his signature. Most of people have a query that What happened to American family publishers? At that time, the winners are selected by random but through a professional auditing company to which everybody responded except a magazine subscription that was purchased. 

ED McMahon Biography: 

Born Edward Leo Peter McMahon Jr.  
March 6, 1923 
 Detroit, Michigan, U.S. 
Died June 23, 2009 (aged 86) 
 Los Angeles, California, U.S. 
Education Boston College 
Alma mater Catholic University of America 
Occupations Comedian actor singer game show host announcer spokesman Marine Corps aviator 
Years active 1957–2009 
Notable work The Tonight Show, Star Search, TV’s Bloopers & Practical Jokes 
Spouse(s) Alyce Ferrell (m. 1945; div. 1974) Victoria Valentine (m. 1976; div. 1989)  Pam Hurn (m. 1992)  
Military career 
Allegiance  United States 
Service/branch United States Marine Corps 
USMC Reserve 
Years of service 1941–1966 
Rank Colonel 
Battles/wars World War II 
Korean War 

ED McMahon Association with Publishing Clearing House: 

“American Family Publishers was set up to directly compete with us,” said Publishers Clearing House’s Todd Sloane. “They were always a ‘me-too’ company. At those times, there are so many TV ads that people mixed them up. And most think that ED McMahon is working with the publisher’s clearing house and nobody tries to clear this misconception. As most of people have a query that When did Publishers Clearing House start? Publishers Clearing House was started in 1953 in Port Washington, New York, by Harold Mertz. He was a manager of a door-to-door sales team for a good magazine. He started it with the help of his wife LuEsther and daughter Joyce. 

ED McMahon publishers clearing house

“It was kind of a blessing. It was free advertising since people thought McMahon was working for us,” says Sloane. “It certainly didn’t hurt us.” And as a result, the relationship between the McMahon and publishers’ clearing house became a myth.  

“It was the combination of the well-established company and the well-established spokesperson,” says Sloane.  

And the brand consultants said that “Great marketing is one-upping your competition while maintaining your brand integrity, “And the advertising executive Bob Cutler of C3 Concepts said that “The disappointing part of the story is that [Publishers Clearing House] having survived the business climate and still being around could not use parody or some other innuendo to turn the myth to their advantage.”

Most of people want to know that What commercials did Ed McMahon do? ED McMahon does a lot of variant ads and plays different roles such as a rapper for a FreeCreditReport.com commercial. He also worked in a Cash4Gold commercial alongside MC Hammer. McMahon was also the mediator for Pride Mobility which was a leading company at that time that manufactures scoter and wheelchairs. 

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Our Final Take:  

We hope now it is clear why ED McMahon publishers clearing house became a myth at that time. You know it all started due to a TV ad which led people towards a great misconception but the publisher house owners do not try to clear this misconception.

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